March 17, 2020 monokrome

Amazon Music for Artists Launches

Amazon has followed Spotify and Apple Music by launching the much anticipated Amazon Music for Artists service in order to help artists fully grasp their services. The service will work like Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists, allowing you to see how your music is performing, understanding your audience and also how you as an artist perform on Amazon’s Alexa devices.

Currently the app is available on both iOS and Android devices however it is still in beta. There is also the option to use this service online on their website,, which has plenty of information and useful tips on how to use their new service.

It’s evident that Amazon is trying to compete with Spotify and Apple as they continue to develop their service. Over the last year, Amazon have increased their portfolio of available music, broadened their subscription packages and now have released similar tools to their competitors in order to help artists using the platform for distribution. 

Spotify were the first to launch a ‘For Artists’ tool back in 2017 with Apple following in 2019. Spotify’s justification for this tool was that artists can sometimes struggle getting this data from labels or distributors and wanted to make it easier for artists to develop and progress. With Amazon releasing their own, it allows a wider selection of digital streaming platforms for artists and provides them with more chances to connect to fans and further their career.

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