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Creative Industries Federation says industry needs to act now to safeguard against the impact of Brexit

A new report by the Creative Industries Federation warns that the sector needs to act now if it was to safeguard against the impact of Brexit.

Looking at the influence Brexit could have on the creative industries, the federation makes suggestions for short, medium and long-term action.

“We should immediately establish a government-industry partnership to tackle trade barriers and open up access to priority markets outside the EU. While full trade agreements are likely to take some years to conclude, it should be possible to start making progress through international dialogue and cooperation in the short-term. We should commit to making strong protection of IP rights a red line in future bilateral trade agreements, and ensure that we retain scope for continued public support for media and creative sectors,” advises the report.

In the medium-term, the CIF outlines the importance of a continued free flow of data with EU countries.

The secured ease of movement between UK and EU countries for time-limited activities such as touring and film production is also highlighted.

In the long-term, the British government is advised to explore the scope to improve the impact of creative sector tax incentives, as well as look to reform the migration system, which its says would allow easy access to talent from countries both EU and non-EU countries.
Read more about the Creative Industries Federation’s Brexit report at Music Week.

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