September 23, 2019 monokrome

Monokrome Music launches online platform rightsHUB

Monokrome Music has launched rightsHUB, an online contractual rights and file management platform for labels, artists, managers, and other rights-holders.

The service acts as a single, central place to store contractual information alongside release metadata, publishing and neighbouring rights data. Files and information can be securely and selectively shared with partners, alongside reporting and sales statements that can be tracked within the platform to ensure contractual compliance.

From the rightsHUB dashboard, users can also store any files relevant to a release: contract documents; audio, images, video, stems and press shots; neighbouring rights and publishing information; with all files having associated metadata that can be edited as appropriate.

Easily deliver consistent data to new and existing partners eliminating the need for double data entry. All data and rights remain the property of users and are fully exportable at any point.

rightsHUB pricing is flexible and works on a monthly, no contract basis, beginning with a £1 offer for the first month. Thereafter, pricing starts at £15 p/month for catalogues smaller than 50 tracks, scaling with catalogue size.

Monokrome Music CEO Lee Morrison says: “In this increasingly data-driven music industry it’s imperative that labels and others stay on top of their contractual obligations. We’re proud to launch rightsHUB as an affordable, one-stop solution for music rights-holders to manage all of their data and assets in a clear, easy and concise way.

“All too often both artists and labels lose out because rights-holders are unable to maintain full and accurate records of rights and the relevant contractual terms. Many labels are acting outside of the rights granted to them — exposing them to potential litigation — while many artists and producers are seeing the continued exploitation of their rights after the contractual term with a partner has expired, losing them money and reducing the control they have over their creative output.”

rightsHUB has been built with all sizes of organisation in mind, with a particular focus on cross-referencing contractual information with other data points. It is aimed at alleviating the music industry’s data collection and maintenance problems around contracts and rights, especially as they relate to smaller record labels and their artists.

Monokrome CEO and rightsHUB designer Lee Morrison has sat on the board of the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) since 2015. Earlier in 2019, AFEM launched the free Metadata Best Practice Guide ( to address the problem of incomplete or inconsistent metadata causing lost revenue.

In support of Morrison’s aims for rightsHUB Greg Marshall, General Manager, AFEM says:

“Earlier this year we launched the AFEM and CI Metadata Best Practice Guide highlighting the importance for managers, artists and rights-holders to correctly manage the data and assets related to their music. This information is often provided to, and held by, multiple business partners including labels, distributors, publishers, anti-piracy companies and promotional partners — but rarely are all assets stored and organised in a single centralised location. It is great to see a new AFEM member with a service designed to address this and to help rights-holders keep an up-to-date, independent and accurate record of all their data and related assets.”

rightsHUB is available now for all rights-holders, packages start at £15/pm and is only £1 for your first month!

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