May 12, 2018 monokrome

Spotify’s New Feature: Giving the Unsung Heroes of Music Recognition

Spotify have now announced their latest feature which allows users to view a song’s production and song-writing credits while listening to a track on the desktop platform.













Annika Goldman, ‎Director of Music Publishing Operations, says, “The more we share information, the more opportunities we can help create for songwriters.” The company is aiming to increase visibility and shed light on song-writers and music producers in order to “foster discovery among new collaborations, industry partners and fans.”

So now, when you right-click on a track and select “Show Credits” from the menu of options, you will be able to view information on the performers, song-writers and producers of the song, therefore acknowledging their hard work. This is important because many talented people go overlooked as the main focus is on the performer. Competing services such as Tidal have also recently announced similar features in which they give credit to the people involved behind the scenes.


Songwriters Ali Tamposi, who has written songs for Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson & Camila Cabello along with Frank Dukes, also a writer for Camila Cabello, Lorde & more are both extremely excited for this launch saying that it’s “definitely a step in the right direction.”

This comes with the news that Apple Music are predicted to overtake Spotify in having the most paid subscribers in the US this summer. Globally, Spotify still lead with 70 million subscribers and it is presumed that the upcoming launch of the HomePod speaker has attributed to the growth in Apple Music’s subscriber numbers.


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