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Facebook have been handed the aux cord

Facebook has launched a new app called Aux.  Recently appearing exclusively in Apple’s Canadian App Store, Aux is being described as a ‘DJ for your school’.  In an effort to understand what angle they’re coming from with this we need to better look at its creators, Facebook’s NPE Team.

In an effort to regain some occupancy in the teen market, Facebook created a subsidiary New Product Experimentation {NPE) Team in July to focus on developing experimental consumer-facing apps.

Facebook’s NPE Team developed Aux, stating “The app is aimed at school-aged kids and teens who join a party in the app every day at 9 PM. They then choose the songs they want to play and compete for the ‘AUX’ to get theirs played first. At the end of the night, a winner is chosen based on how many claps are received”

It can’t come as a surprise that social currency is at the forefront of any app created by Facebook, music based or not. Whilst music is inherently social, it’ll be telling to see how the competitive nature of Aux plays out when/if the app gains popularity. Although the NPE Team’s announcement in July made it clear that experimentation overrules permanence, stating that “Apps will change very rapidly and will be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people”.

Will Aux be successful enough to become available in the UK? Could this be a prelude to the regularly threatened release of Facebook Music? Would Zuckerberg be someone you’d confidently pass the aux cord to? We have so many questions!


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